Heat Pumps

How a Heat Pump Works

A heat pump takes heat from the air, multiplies it, and then transfers it from one place to another. It doesn’t heat or cool air – it takes the heat/coolness from the air and moves it to where it’s needed. As a result, it uses far less energy than a traditional gas furnace, which must heat the air using fuel. Heat pumps can be used to both heat and cool the inside of your home.

We service all brands of heat pumps. We can provide emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance or, when its time, install a high-efficiency replacement unit.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

With today’s technology, heat pumps are more energy efficient than ever, and can return the initial cost many times over during its lifespan (which is approximately 10-12 years).

Less noise
Inside, heat pumps make less noise than a furnace. Outside is a different matter – so they should always be placed away from windows and in less trafficked areas.

Heat pumps use electricity instead of fossil fuels, so they don’t produce any carbon monoxide. There’s no risk of being exposed to these dangerous fumes.

Rebates and credits
Sometimes there are tax credits to offset the initial expense of installing a high-efficiency heat pump – as well as are local rebates and credits.

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Getting Technical – Different Types of Heat Pump Systems

Generally, there are two different types of systems, closed loop (geothermal) and open loop. The closed loop systems receive most of their heating/cooling from the earth, utilizing a double or single flow center and a loop of polymer plastic pipe buried in the ground. The open loop uses a pump. Both bring up fresh water from an underground well, but the water from the open loop is discharged into a prepared place in the yard.
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Open or Closed Loop, All Heat Pumps Offer the Same Benefits, Which Include:

  • No use of fossil fuels
  • Lower energy consumption all year around
  • New technology for better performance
  • Better and more even heating and cooling transfer

Contact us if you want more information or would like to speak with someone about how a heat pump can benefit your home.

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