Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you live in Indiana, you know the summers are going to get hot – and humid. It’s important to keep your air conditioning equipment maintained properly or you may find yourself in a pretty miserable condition, without an escape from the heat.


Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Our technicians maintain air conditioning systems on a regular basis, not only improving the energy efficiency but extending the life of your equipment. Scheduled maintenance prepares your system for both winter and summer months, reducing the likelihood of a sudden breakdown during a time when the system is needed the most. Click the button below to learn more.

It Pays to Have Regular Inspections

Your air conditioning system is a pretty sizeable investment, and it just makes sense to take care of it by having regular maintenance on all equipment, fluids, and parts. Regular inspections and maintenance by our qualified HVAC technicians can ensure your unit is running properly when it should, by:

  • Checking the temperature and refrigerant pressure
  • Cleaning dirty evaporator coils
  • Checking for frozen lines (which could indicate a problem)

Maintained Equipment Lasts Longer

Having your air conditioning system regularly cleaned, inspected, and maintained will not only reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, but also extend the life of your equipment. By helping it run more efficiently, operation takes less of a toll on the equipment and parts.

We're as Good as Our Word

We’ve earned a reputation in this region for delivering top service in a timely manner. And while we have fully-qualified technicians always on-call to help out with emergency situations – we want to help with that “ounce of prevention” which will save you money in the long run. Our maintenance calls are completed quickly and efficiently, with minimal interruption to your day.

Contact us today to set up a maintenance check for your air conditioner – let’s keep it in top working order for years to come.

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